Myositis Friends Support Network

We aim to provide people with a safe place they can come to and discuss, seek advice and share their triumphs, in their ongoing fight against Myositis

Our Aims and Objectives are:

  • Provide support to all sufferers, carers and families
  • Raise awareness of all the myositis diseases
  • Raise funds to support our objectives

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MYOSITIS is a rare group of conditions of which the main sectors are, POLYMYOSITIS(PM),INCLUSION BODY MYOSITIS(IBM),  DERMATOMYOSITIS(DM), and JUVENILE DERMATOMYOSITIS (JDM) together with ANTISYNTHESE SYNDROME and other associated conditions.

FRIENDS with myositis decided to form this group after meeting at a MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY event to extend  the circle of friendship to others.

SUPPORT for all of our members is our primary aim.

NETWORK best describes the group of over three hundred active members in the U.K. Who mainly use FACEBOOK as a medium to contact each other as well as private messaging  to exchange news, experiences and non medical advice.


3 thoughts on “Myositis Friends Support Network

  1. Hello, I have recently been told I have PM and would like to take part in a support group.

    Many thanks


    1. Shelley, thanks for posting. If you are on Facebook it’s very easy to join, if you look at the contact us page on this website it will direct you. If you have a problem please come back. Richard

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