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There will be a KIT Meeting at the Holiday Inn Express Poole on the 21st April 2018.
Holiday Inn Express
Walking Field Lane,
BH15 1RZ
we will meet for coffee at 10.00.a.m followed by a talk from Sunni Narayan, Senior Carer Advisor at Southampton Hospital. Lunch will be at 1.30.p.m. this is subsidised from our funds by £10 per head but there may be small additional amount to pay on the day. There is parking at the hotel and in the public car park opposite. To register please use one of the comment boxes on this site or use our Facebook page. We will have to let the hotel know final numbers two weeks in advance.


Delighted to say that this meeting is now full. If you have expressed interest, please confirm your attendance. If you have said you’re coming and now can’t make it, please let us know as places are limited. Thanks

KIT MEETING in the LEEDS AREA 17th March 2018

This will take place at the Milford Hotel,
Great North Road,
LS 25 5LQ
it will start at 10.30. With coffee and a buffet lunch will follow.
This will be susididised by £10.00 per head, there may be a small additional charge payable on the day.
Please let us know if you can attend either using the Facebook page.
If you need any support to attend please let us know by private message. Owing to demand and the limited amount of space it may not be possible to accommodate all people wanting to attend.


A number of changes are being made offline to hopefully make the site easier to navigate. Until these are complete the site will remain in the same form it is now. During the work, over 6000 spam messages were deleted from the posts and comment sections and a spam filter has now been installed on the site to try to prevent any further attacks.
In looking at the site it is clear that Isobel Sutcliffe must have put in a huge amount of work and we must be very grateful for this.
Until the revised layout is ready we will continue to post on this site as it is as the revision are taking a great deal of time.
It is also clear that much of the content is in need of updating a and we hope to do this at the same time