Inclusion Body Myositis

Inclusion Body Myositis is more common in men than in women and usually occurs after the age of 50. IBM usually begins with weakness in th muscles of the wrists, fingers and thinghs. The muscles that lift the front of the foot may also be affected leading to falls. In IBM the weakness may not be the same on both sides of the body. IBM is diagnosed only by a muscle biopsy, which will slow abnormal “inclusion” cells. Unlike PM, DM and JDM, in very rare cases, a form of IBM can be hereditary.

2 thoughts on “Inclusion Body Myositis

  1. Has anyone heard anything about the forthcoming Arimoclomol trial in London? I know one site in America has been underway for several months and patients are pleased with their progress. Any Idea when it will start here?

    1. Hi Steph, according to Pedro Machado at UCH in Queens Square London, they are awaiting approval to begin the second phase of the arimoclomol trial. This should be in August 2018.
      A trial has already started in Kansas and will happen in 9 other sites in the US. The trial will take 2 years and then NICE will have to approve it, so we are looking at 3 years for anything feasible.

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