Polymyositis is more common in women then in men and usually occurs after the age of 20. In addition to the muscle weakness, many people with PM have pain or tenderness in the affected areas and may in some cases suffer heart muscle weakness or respiratory problems.

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  1. If anyone that has Polymyositis would like to share with us, how they cope with having Polymyositis and any useful coping mechanisms they use. Please post or comment here.

    My father was diagnosed with the disease in his late 60’s, the family didn’t know anything about the disease and could of done with website and a group to ask questions of. He was put on high-dose steroids and didn’t do well on them, he became very weak and succumbed to pneumonia and died at the age of 71.

    I hope you all know that this route is not a typical one, with careful attention and tailoring of steroids (and other meds) by your clinicians you can last this disease out until old age.

    I myself was diagnosed with Polymyositis at the age of 40, but on a second muscle biopsy 7 years later was re-diagnosed to sIBM. This meant that I was given steroids and methotrexate with probably no reason, as these drugs are known not to be effective with IBM.

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