Anne –

The other week my husband came up with a great idea for the now redundant tax disc space on the car windscreen (UK): – I C E (In Case of Emergency) Info!! We measured the space, then I did a circular template on the computer, and entered for both of us NHS numbers; conditions, medication; home telephone number; 2 x next of kin with contact numbers and doctor’s telephone number. We also used a photo of the two of us, with the words “I C E INFO”. There were 3 pages of information (we each took up one page with our conditions and meds!), so 5 in all, as a photo on top and the other side too (one showing outside and one showing inside the car). I hope I have described this well enough; it all makes a round booklet, the size of an old tax disc. Needless to say I hope this is never used, but should the worst happen the emergency services will have all they need to know in an easy to get to place.


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